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Big brother 13 episode 18 pov competitors recap On tonight's episode we pick track of daniele nominating adam and shelly.Rachel and brendon are your doing because daniele didn't put them up.Daniele tells us from her diary room they're competent, that plan a should be to evict shelly, plan b is to backdoor brendon.You decide, is a win win state of affairs for her.After the ceremony shelly wants approach daniele so they head up to the hoh room.Daniele tells her that she needs brendon to go home recently.Shelly almost all for it, because she is flabergasted at rachel.Shelly tells daniele about rachel telling porsche that shelly had a final three encounter brendon and rachel, where shelly says is a lie.We flash back to a earlier connection where shelly is asking brendon and rachel if they would ever consider taking her to the final three, but it is unseen us if they ever made a deal.I've watched the live feeds since they introduction of the show and i really don't think they made the deal.I think shelly was just disposing of scenarios about different situations.Unfortunately, shelly has been known carryout a few final three deals, so i must have missed it.Adam is your next to head up to the hoh room, asking for a minute to speak to daniele.She tells him the same principal she told shelly, that she wants brendon to go soon.Adam just about all for it. Shelly goes down and confronts rachel exactly what porsche Told her.To start with, rachel denies mentioning it, but when they bring porsche in and ask her when face-To-Face with rachel, states, yes that is what actually transpired.Shelly lays into her for being, and rachel is inquiring brendon to back her up, but at first he just says he doesn't want to register.I notice that very telling, because anyone just isn't expected brendon, knows he loves to register.Particularly it involves rachel.After rachel pleading with and pestering him to back her up, he subsequently says, yes that is what went down.Jordan doesn't know who to imagine since both rachel and shelly are in an alliance with her. Shelly is really upset that rachel told jordan that shelly would definitely vote her out, and she gets emotional while addressing jeff and jordan about it.They tell her it's ok, suppose her.Jeff explains to shelly that"This your home, causes your heartaches to get the best of you.Shelly goes on and on about how everyone understands how much she thinks of jordan, and she does not want her to think she would go against her.Those that watch the live feeds, shelly gushes about the nike air jordan daily, and has even offered to get her a more satisfactory job when they get out, also with jeff.She told jeff that she makes him a 6 figure salary job.Without doubt!I desire to be friends with shelly. Daniele announces your chance for the veto players, so they all head to the front room.Daniele attraction first, since arrested, before hoh, and she draws jordan's chip outside the bag.Shelly drags kalia's chip next, pursued by adam drawing jeff's.All of them are happy about the drawings since neither brendon or rachel was picked.Brendon and rachel are already needs to pout since they weren't chosen.Brendon knows that the only way he was one hundred percent safe, was if he dinam picked up the pov.Since they are not playing, it's completely out of their hands.Shelly is ecstatic that they could be recycled playing, and tells them in her diary room career to enjoy the view, because it will be a good one.Daniele picks porsche to be the host of other sellers. The pov levels of competition are playing corn hole.The back yard is placed as a barn yard, from corn stalks, crecen, and farm pets or canines.Jeff tells us that he's"Hankering for a hay ride together along regarding his country girl jordo, then he remains to fake spit.The object of the game is to toss a bean bag and try to access the lowest score.The corn hole is worth some time, but if you miss it will slide off onto a spinning wheel with some other numbers.Whoever gets the very best score each round will be eliminated.Dependant upon where you finish, each player are certain to get to claim a bucket of corn, accompanied by a prize inside.One bucket will likely have the pov necklace.That's not it.You are getting eliminated, you can pick somebody else's prize that went out before you, should you want their prize better.Some great fights have happened in larger history over this game. Over one:Jeff goes first and barely doesn't quite get the corn hole, but slides off into quantity of 5 slot.Adam goes next and misses the corn hole and slides off into amount of 13 slot, that is maximum number.He seems killed.Jordan is next and doesn't quite get the corn hole, and slides off into amount of 7 slot.Shelly is together with go, and she completely over throws your whole corn hole barn, so she will be awarded the top number this round.Adam is happy that.Kalia goes next and scratches a 11.Daniele is on your own that round who hits the corn hole and scores 1 point.Shelly is deleted.She picks through her corn bucket to realize that her prize is the veto necklace.She tells us in her diary room interview it's bitter sweet, because she knows everyone who comes out behind her may take the veto. Past two:Adam is up first and numbers a 9.Jordan plagues him and scores a 13.Kalia matches up adam's 9.Daniele hits the corn hole after, for 1 factor.Jeff corresponds adam and kalia's 9's.Jordan has the best score and is eliminated this round.She picks through her corn bucket and attracts the prize of 24 hours of solitary confinement, but also includes a telecall from home.Jordan starts to cry fascinated about being able to talk to her family.But she quickly turns to shelly and tells her for you to it, because she knows how bad shelly wants to talk to her daughter.Shelly is so overcome with appreciation, that doesn't have she will ever turn on jordan now.Or may she? Over three:Kalia starts off this round and misses the corn hole but slides into the quantity of 7 slot.Daniele, who is burning down, scores an additional corn hole.Jeff responds her and misses, but slides into quantity of 3 slot.Adam will go next, and scores his first corn hole of the experience.Kalia corn bucket in a safe place a caribbean vacation, and the she keeps.Your camera pans over to brendon and rachel on the sides lines, filing a complaint that there goes their honeymoon.Guess they can't pay for one independently, they can only depend on your government to pay for it. Round of golf four:Before round four kicks off, adam tells jeff to your pet win the veto.Barry, who is torn on what he would do if he won the veto, looks at daniele.Adam then asks her if jeff seemingly safe this week, if he didn't win the veto.She means them that jeff is safe.Oh, males, how did that actually out for dominic?But since jeff really doesn't want to have to select from his alliance with shelly and adam or his alliance with brendon and rachel, he concurs.Daniele is the first one to go, and she is ok with throwing its competition, so she numbers a 13.Jeff goes next and hundreds a 3.Adam follows with reviewing another corn hole.Daniele is detached.Her corn bucket has a veto ticket.Signifies she can play in next weeks veto competition, even if she isn't on the market.She looks over at kalia's next traveling, but chooses to try and veto ticket, because will help you her further her game. Final stage:The total round is between jeff and adam.Jeff goes first and scores various 8.Adam's final throw dozens him a 7, and the wins him the corn hole game.Jeff claims his number two corn bucket and its full of $5, 000.That, additional pisses brendon and rachel off.They are generally mad about jeff winning the $10, 000 by picking the right snowball a few contests back.Adam claims his winning corn bucket and it has a ticket for a humilitard.It's the way to go, adam changes his prize with jordan's who has the veto necklace.So jordan have to wear the humilitard for one week. Brendon and rachel are now extremely worried that one of them will be selected.Rachel actually be put up, because she thinks she can get the votes holiday over brendon.Nevertheless, while they are revealing it, daniele pulled jeff up to the hoh room and more information tells him that she wants brendon to be voted out.Jeff tells her that he would prefer have rachel voted out, but if it keeps him and the nike air jordan safe, then he will be ok for it. While they go back inside from the corn hole game, shelly has get started her 24 hours of solitary confinement.She is limited to the have not room, because of just water, breads and slop.They've got set up a small bathroom area, and my wife one cover and a small pillow.She says it's a small price to pay in order to really talk to her family.When the decision comes through the walls, it sad scene.You can tell her young girl josie, very much misses her mom. Jordan is considered into the diary room so she can receive her humilitard.When she comes out everyone gathers round her to see.She is in a natural leotard, with a pink dancer tutu.The top says i'm with stupid and the back says kick me.She also has to wear her hair in pigtails and wear a dunce hat featuring a propeller on top.When she moves the propeller spins. Brendon and rachel go up to talk to daniele eighteen, you are another deal, so neither will go in the street.They try every which way of getting daniele to put up jeff, but Air Jordan 10 For Sale daniele just tells them that she will imagine that.They even bring up the money that jeff has recently won to try to sway her. At the pov meeting adam uses the veto on himself and he is stripped away from the block.When daniele stands to appoint someone she says, there is a zombie in your house that she has tried to kill before, so she proceeds to tell brendon that he is the substitution nominee. Thursday's episode will show the fallout of brendon being placed in the street.Rachel and brendon have actually been campaigning for votes.There was a fight today that might make the show, but doesn't really change the fact of who will be leaving.But it could definitely change the alliances that are still the home.Need to a good show. View shape Nike Basketball Shoes Larger 13 premiere july 7, 2011 on cbs creativities, spoilers new hoh detailsbig brother has returned for a 13th season, wait for a summer full of fun, basic fact, scams and spoilers.Our government 13 premieres july 7, 2011 on cbs television studios.Who will win the golden power of veto and would they use it?Government 12 spoilers;Pov winner revealed and your government 12 saboteur messagemore 'government 12' spoilers are out there.The first 'big good friend 12' spoiler today is pov winner, following a new message to houseguestsbig brother 12 spoilers;Second pov on big brother 12 and pov ceremony take placethe latest big brother 12 spoiler happened at pov battle.


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