For the first award, I would like to bring attention to one of the most important aspects of MMO gaming: the graphics. While a game is not required to look a certain way to be considered a fantastic game, it doesn't hurt Cheap RS Gold if your game is just about perfect-looking. To me, graphics need to be well-wounded and crisp, and they need to feel as though the http://www.gpors.com/ developers and artists were confident in their style. The game world needs to flow and appear to be built out of all the same stuff.

This was a hard one to pick. When the dust settled, I realized that I love how Eden Eternal looks. The game, published by Aeria Games, is not just a cutesy Anime game. It feels solid, whimsical, detailed and very smooth. The greatest thing is that the game will run on lower-end PCs as well.

Sound design is often overlooked in MMO gaming. Sure, you can entertain players with amazing artwork or killer gameplay while featuring almost no sound, but add in brilliant effects and music and players will have a much better experince. It's not often that I run across games that make me first think of how neat the sound is, and it is often that I find games that literally have almost no sound. So when I find one that blows my ears off, I make note.

The sound in Three Rings' Spiral Knights sound design is awesome. It's not so much complicated and intricate as it is subtle and a perfect fit for the world around it. The music scores feel like an action soundtrack from an 8bit retro title, and the combat effects remind me of days spent in arcades in the mall.

Innovation can be such a rare thing these days. One look at standard MMO design is enough to make an older player like yours truly wonder if MMO gaming really does have much of a future. Then, I play a game like Motion Twin's Die2Nite. While it is barely an MMO, the potential for thousands of players is there. Each game a player joins could last only a few days, but players can survive zombie attack after zombie attack for weeks.

But it takes work. Real work and cooperation. The amazing thing about Die2Nite is that it achieves all that it does not only within a browser but mostly through text. It can be a real nail-biter of a game, too. How does it do it? By taking chances with its design, and keeping it simple. Die2Nite will invade your dreams.

Charm seems to be a four-letter word for many designers. They often forget to make games that are attractive to people, games that put people under a spell. Charm is not easy to achieve. Developers have to have confident designs but still remain a bit mysterious. Cute is OK, but only if it is paired with a note of drama.

Glitch, by Tiny Speck, charmed the pants off me and thousands of other players. It pulls me through gaming experiences I have never had and yet reminds me of something else. What it is I am reminded of, I have no idea. Although the game does feature some mechanics we have seen before, it combines those mechanics with brilliant lore, art that looks like it comes from the underground art scene, and adorable music.

Do you play RuneScape before being hired? If so, what prompted you to apply for Jagex?

I heard a position of technical director was vacant at Jagex. At the time, I was also interested in other positions. I tried the game to get a better idea of what was Jagex and I was very impressed with their technology and the game more I knew about Jagex, their platform, their own tools, their languages and systems, and I was curious. I had an interview with Andrew ended in debate on IT security. Needless to say, I was stunned to learn that Jagex approach for computer security is more stringent in certain banks for which I worked, or elsewhere for that computer systems lotto j 'was designed. I realized that Jagex was an amazing company to the forefront of many technological 2007 runescape gold advances and composed of talent. I had only one desire: to work Jagex.

Burned Bones - What is your combat level in RuneScape?

I am only at level 67, but I'm unbeatable when it comes to cutting down trees!

Valvar Exart - Are you at the head of all Jagex and RuneScape only?

My responsibility is to manage the company Jagex with the support of a great team and Andrew. The RuneScape Team headed type of talent called Vince.

Sword908070 - In your opinion, what age RuneScape does it address? College, high school or students?

In my opinion, RuneScape can please everyone, from 7 to 77 years! But I would say it is especially an audience of students and adults.

Kinby - Will you offer a new free and then change a quest to free subscribers quest quest?

We plan to invest in all areas of the game, so expect to change :)

Fishaddock - Do you play games FunOrb Arcanists as, for example?

Hahah, yes and I find it very addictive. I was even Jagex champion at some point, but I've probably been relegated since.

Darth Stefan - What will be the next language RuneScape?

This is the subject of a major internal debate right now. We recently updated our systems to accommodate other languages. We now have plenty of choice :)

Boomer12342 - Does that mean you take Andrew's Place? If this is the case, why Andrew has he decided to retire? Otherwise, what's happened?

could say I replaced Andrew in 2008 as Technical Director. Andrew felt it was best placed to oversee the technical and creative side of the business and preferred to leave me managing technical teams. It is not so much to replace Andrew that let him do what he loves most, namely active participation in the development of our games and our technologies.Je know Andrew has a huge passion for RuneScape and that it continues to play a very active role in the company.

Racheya - In the current economic situation, do you plan to increase membership in the short or long term to fight against the rising costs? And even if this is not the case, how Jagex has to deal with the current crisis?

No, we do not intend to increase our RuneScape prices. Jagex is a solid company and unlike many companies in the sector, we continue to grow financially. We believe that our competitive prices and unmatched depth and richness of our game gives us a unique advantage.

Vaskor - Can you clarify the position of Jagex against fan sites? Your willingness to opening she applies to fan sites and communities?

Yes, of course. We plan to work with fansites quality and the best support.

Issa5 - Do you use proposed in the thread Suggestions English forums ideas?

Absolutely. We consider all the comments and suggestions we receive. Of course, it is not possible to buy runescape 2007 gold implement everything, but we've learned some good ideas.

The TzHaar city is in crisis. For some reason the TzHaar-Mej, eggs Basin births hatch give Ga'al. These creatures are born without memories and innate memory of their ancestors who allow them to assume the role traditionally their rightful caste TzHaar. http://www.gpors.com/

In our new elite quest, you will accompany one of these Ga'al in the forgotten depths TzHaar volcano. Find a way as to restore the memories required for its integration into society TzHaar. You'll meet the mysterious TotHaar and unveil the secrets hovering over the origins of the TzHaar race. Secrets that could forever change the course of civilization ...

To get started:

Talk to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh, pelvis birth of the TzHaar city.


Quest for subscribers

Level 75 in Magic

Level 60 Agility

Level 41 Mining

Can defeat multiple enemies (365 maximum level)

A rune or dragon pickaxe

The rewards for this quest include generous amounts of XP, a ring increasing damage to creatures and TzHaar a new title.

The ancestral furnace

For lovers of combat, the most attractive reward will surely be the opportunity to enter the ancient furnace, our new mini-game based purely on combat. It will first complete the quest and sacrifice a fire cape. Breaking enthusiasts are not strangers to this type of fighting solo against waves of enemies, but the similarity ends here. During this battle, temporary bonus crystal will be a crucial aid to survive. You will need to implement your talent warrior and strategist to resist the relentless onslaught of TotHaar before reaching the final boss from his deep sleep.

Exit winner of this battle and you will be the proud owner of TotHaar-Kal - the only cape RuneScape enjoying a bonus +8 Strength!


Mini-game reserved for subscribers

Having completed the quest memory TzHaar

You will sacrifice a fire cape for your first participation in mini-game The ancestral furnace. But it will give you access to the furnace permanently.

You’ll find everything you need to know on this forum thread – don’t forget to take a screenshot and email it to Runescape 2007 Gold Those featuring fishy puns that make us laugh (or cry) will be posted on our Facebook page.Barrows Combat Weekend It’s the fourth Beta Weekend testing event this weekend, and your chance to unlock the final part of the superbly steam-punk Mad Scientist Outfit!



The event is open to all members and the combat beta group and we really want you all to get stuck in. We’re focussing all our attention on the Barrows, so brush up on your knowledge and give us lots of awesome, detailed feedback to pick through with a fine-toothed feedback-picker.Future EventsStarting very soon we’ll be publishing weekly official events for now until the end of the year - some of which will be linked to future content releases! Watch this space for further details of what we've got coming up.

Halloween is on its way, and what better way to prepare than by claiming your own Evil Scarecrow Mask? Equip this creepy cosmetic item in your head slot and take on the guise of a spooky living scarecrow, sure to terrify your fellow adventurers.Buy any 90 or 100 day RuneScape game card at any retailer – or a new, red RuneScape pre-paid card – and redeem it between 11th and 31st October (inclusive) to get hold of this horrifying headgear.We’re releasing new, redesigned game cards this month, so the easiest way to guarantee you’ll receive the mask is to bear the following in mind: Grabbing a new, red RuneScape Pre-Paid Card will get you the Scarecrow Mask!Whether you’re redeeming one of our new cards or an old one, so long as it’s red you’ll receive your mask!Please note: the offer does not apply for Ultimate Game Cards.

Obviously, should player activity decline over the next 6 months rather than grow we would have to introduce an additional $5 membership fee to fund the on going service.Runescape 2007 Gold  A small development team will remain dedicated to Old School RuneScape, both fixing any issues that crop up and being available to work on tweaks and changes to the game over time.



We remain committed to making Old School RuneScape an exclusively community driven service. You can be sure we will not make any design changes to the game without the community voting on it first.Starting in a few weeks, we’ll have regular polls for the Old School community to decide which changes they do or don’t want made, short listed from your discussions on the Old School Feedback forum.We’ll also be adding in more of the latest anti-bot technology into Old School RuneScape so that we can uphold our stance of zero tolerance on cheating, botters and gold farmers.If you're a RuneScape member hungry for some 2007 nostalgia, wait no longer! Click here to visit the homepage, where you can log in with your existing account. You can also see the latest old school news, where we'll keep you posted on all of the above, and access both the forums and the wiki.

 In his recent news post, Mark Gerhard announced that - with enough support - we would release dedicated old-school servers, where nostalgia-hungry players and retro fans would be able enjoy RuneScape as it was back in 2007.The poll to gauge interest in 2007 servers is now live, and will remain open until 00:00 GMT on the 1st of March 2013. If you're a RuneScape member, and you'd like to show your interest in the return of Old School RuneScape, head on over to our poll page now and give your support!Any questions? Take a look at our FAQ.

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