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Editor's Note: As of the first half, the number of China's mobile phone users has reached 1.256 billion people, has covered the vast majority of the crowd. Mobile games use was 47.8%, of which nearly 40% of mobile gamers only play the 88th,louis vuitton damier 2014 hand travel industry output still maintain a high growth rate is expected to exceed 20 billion yuan mark. As new media phone carrier, and its momentum is evident.louis vuitton damier azur General Secretary Xi also stressed that traditional media and new media to be complementary, integrated development. Chinese Air Force first touch mobile games have to say is a bold attempt, but also highlights the Chinese Air Force open, confident, cooperation in the new image.


"Golden Helmet" is the Chinese Air Force and civil gaming company launched the first joint research and development of flight shooting mobile games.louis vuitton damier ebene It is understood that the game against the Air Force Air Combat contest the annual assessment - "Golden Helmet" contest as the background, using 3D lifelike forms, players can drive our military's main combat aircraft in active service, to experience the thrills of simulated air combat, enter blood glory of the "Golden helmet" stadium. The game will be held November 11,louis vuitton damier belt 2014 - Chinese Air Force 65 birthday, debut in Zhuhai. Message one detonated all the users, players warm look, already on active duty military fighter obsessed fans, the instrument allows to properly combat the experience.

"Golden Helmet" Highlights


Newspaper reporters have advance demo of the "Golden Helmet" game, fully aware of the four bright spots "Golden Helmet" previously announced.


First, the "mission." Game icon is a big "Golden Helmet" summon players into the "Golden Helmet" contest. The main interface into the game, players will become a pilot recruits, under the guidance of coaches ace, complete the assigned task, click on the task menu top right corner of the main interface, there will be three daily tasks, tasks range up to hundreds of species.


The second is "power." In the game, a variety of Chinese Air Force fighter full debut, players can control include the F-8, F-10, F-11, Su-30 fighters and other merchandise, the main interface has a fighter's 360 ° display platform, the lower left corner is the performance of the layout, respectively, aircraft grade, and cannon, missiles, targeting, durable four scores.


Combat mode is divided into campaign mode with gold helmet mode. Only through campaign mode all levels. In order to continue to win the medal to unlock and buy more new fighters, eventually into gold helmet stadium.


The third is "excellent." Once players get past the many hurdles to win, in addition to obtaining Gold Edition F-11, will unlock a mystery Gold Edition coming fighters shot down the fuselage will be painted with the same number of enemy planes red star.


Fighting the main interface into the game, the lower left corner is the direction of the control panel, allowing aircraft to rotate 360 ° to avoid the artillery attack, top right corner of the radar display enemy positions, respectively the lower right corner machine guns, missiles, full-screen bombed three buttons. By constantly adjusting the direction of flight, the war will automatically lock the target, louis vuitton damier bagsthen press the missile launch button, a missile went straight to the enemy, the air across a beautiful arc. Whistling sound, the sound of cannon fire, the roar of the engine as well as explosions, ears.


Fourth, the "honor." In the achievement system, players in the game by completing tasks, the Air Force will be with the people of the current reward system corresponding to the flight crew of medals, including the premium pilots, flight crew and the Gold Medal for Merit Gold Medal for flight personnel and so on.


Foreign game companies and the military has had several co-War-themed games like "Army" "Call of Duty"; in the Nanjing Military Region, the country only until the launch of the PC game "glorious mission" and "Golden Helmet" as a domestic first class modern themes hand combat tour, described as "re-set a precedent."


Shaping the image of the new media


Why should we launched the "Golden Helmet" game? This "big propaganda" and the concept of the Air Force's "big culture" related.


First, in order to create a culture of fighting qualities of empty big culture. "Golden Helmet" contest is the Chinese Air Force since 2011 began a free-air combat against the contest, the contest is recognized as a high degree of actual combat contest, winning percentage of year is compressed, the game difficulty rising. 4 years produced many outstanding representatives of fighter pilots: the first double "Golden Helmet" winner, responsive Jiang Jia Ji, vibrant, good research and skilled Song Hui, stressing that "quitting brave victory" of Yan Feng, and good tactics innovation, transformation strain of 许利强, etc. They have a kind of fighting for victory fighting spirit and the spirit of the times the courage to explore. According to the deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the Air Force, said Chen Hao, gold helmet contest the Air Force's combat capabilities and demonstrate Manner, it is the Air Force propaganda and cultural theme. Therefore, mobile phone game "Golden Helmet" design introduced arguably ripe.


The second is to build a large Air Force new media image. New media concepts and Air Force to build love and build the Air Force,cheap louis vuitton handbags the Air Force's devotion to culture "big brand" closely. Air Force has been seeking a breakthrough publicity a few years ago began a propaganda and explore online media, mobile media and other new media.


Last year, the Air Force produced the micro-film "Eagle legend" micro anime "sky Dream" and micro-lens "blue sky test sword" consisting of "micro-series" reported that China's military network launched by netizens blitz. "Eagle's Legend" is the first father and son about the Chinese Air Force test pilot heritage, patriotic story of micro-flight movie, starring famous action actor Vincent Zhao, his masculine, macho image for him upright. In addition, "the sky's Dream" and "Blue Sky test sword," a launch also have gained good reputation, but the former is still six sets of CCTV broadcast. Propaganda Department of the Air Force, said the tension, "after as a 80, I was a huge spread of new media and influence fully understood, therefore, insist audience awareness in concrete work, is also a natural choice."


Soaring ambition to show the Chinese Air Force


Propaganda Department of the Air Force tension is clear thinking, energetic person, from June this year to now, he has been in preparation for the "Golden Helmet" game this matter. "This game is the Air Force to seek new media transformation one step, from the micro-series launched last year to this year's" Golden Helmet "game, we have been advancing in an orderly manner."


"Last year preparatory micro-film" Eagle legend, "we invited Chiu to perform obligations. Professional photography team, as well as empty political veteran TV Art Center to provide the service, chemical, road, took only 10 days. "张干事 also mention micro film after watching Chiu sent a special message, saying" all feel that parents have seen the glory ", adding that" the army round his dream. "


Four consecutive "Golden Helmet" contest, tension interviewed more than 100 pilots, which felt the "young officers and men of the new era soaring ambition." However, the question is: How will the uniqueness of these pilots to show up, while allowing the Air Force in the field of new media and cultural propaganda place it? "We did a lot of research and feasibility studies, found that China's mobile phone users is a huge group of young people, mostly playing games, and mobile games easy to operate because of the characteristics to become a popular industry." Thus, an Air Force style show mobile game so was born.


According to CEO Wang Hsuan-hsuan Coulee game, this is the first collaboration with the military, "We attach great importance to this cooperation," so in the design process, "Every rivet, every symbol must be rigorously compare." Ms. Wang said, the game characteristics reflected in three aspects. One is ideological. Games with the "Golden Helmet" contest as the background, showing the "Golden Helmet" pilot style, cheap louis vuitton handbags outletto reflect the PLA Air Force's combat philosophy. Using mission mode, upgrade mode, unlocked mode, which in turn caters to young people thinking. The second is professional. In the game design process, the Air Force arranged a special expert consultants to guide the entire process to ensure the fidelity. While the game team has years of experience in the production of military themes of the game, will fidelity virtual sex carried out in conjunction with the design. The third is entertaining. Game design dominated by military enthusiasts, but easy to operate according to the level of ordinary players and mobile games, thus simplifying the complex combat operations to accommodate the mass of players to get started.



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